Who will hear me when I cry?  Women who are aching from illness; with no acces to medical help often despair. Who will hear me when I cry?

We will,  Nokor Tep Women's Hospital will help them when they cry. These are some of the women who are in silent suffering and waiting

Sum Samon is 32 years old and has 3 children. She has had breast lumps for a number of years and her breast is swollen and leaking pus.

My name is Lun Phy and I am 36 years old, my husband is 39 years old. We have 3 children. Right now we are living temporarily with my mother on her land.

My name is Yen Theoun and I am 49 years old. My husband is Lak Ban, 47 years old. We had 12 children. As a poor farmer we have had lots of problems.

Poun Roeung is 39 years old and has given birth to six children. Poun’s breast began hurting 5 years ago – once, a long time ago she went to seek medical help.

Chat Toll is a 42 year old woman who suffers from a vaginal discharge tinged with blood.

She went a doctor who told her she had lumps in her uterus and she needed an operation

but she had no money for such things and so didn’t go. She is a widow and has a fear

for death which she believes is near.

Stories of Cambodian Women


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