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Ride for Nokortep - Finish

The Ride for Nokortep event finished on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

It was a memorable day where people were very happy and thankful. 

All the twelve bikers who joined the welcome team did it first time in their lives - 15 kilometer bike ride with real "grashopper" and australian 1,000 kilometer bike riders. They were so overwhelmed and they were amazed on how the bikers fix their bikes when their seats were lossened off and how they guide them as they go on with the bike ride.

We salute Bruce, Steve, Matt, Tree & Ret. We also recognize and appreciate the job done by Grarm & Det. Of course, we also thank the bikers and the welcome team and everyone who helped to make this event a success.

As of September 23, the funds raised was $ 75,000 and more are still adding up.

We extend our great  thanks and appreciation to the people who donated and supported Ride for Nokor Tep.

Watch out for the next year's bike-a-thon - more bikers will be joining !

Janne, Sharon together with twelve bikers, Nokortep Group, and Tabitha Staff gathered at Tabitha Office at about 12pm to prepare the welcome entourage for the Ride for Nokor Tep Bikers.

The bikers, Janne & Sharon left Tabitha Office at  12:30 to meet the Bikers at the Nokortep Women''s Hospital site at  Village Prey Sar, Sangkat Prey Sar, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh while the others are left to make things ready for the Finish ceremony.








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