Nokor Tep Women's Hospital

Anesthesiology- not exhaustive but enough to cover any operation

No Item Units Need Received Balance
1Adrenaline 1:10000 10ml moderatebox50050
2Atropine 0.6mg smallbox10010
3Atropine 1.2% largebox50050
4Bupivacaine 0.5% large 10ml50050
5Cephazolin 1g largebox50050
6Cisatracurium 10mg smallbox10010
7Desflurane largebox50050
8Dexamethasone 8mg largebox50050
9Droperidol 2.5mg smallbox10010
10Ephedrine : moderate 30mgbox20020
11Fentanyl : large 100microgrambox50050
12Glycopyrrolate .2mg moderatebox30030
13Isoflurane smallbox10010
14Ketamine 200mg largebox50050
15Lignocaine 1% 2ml ampules largebox50050
16Lignocaine 2% 20ml : moderatebox30030
17Metaraminol : moderate and quite expensive but important 10mgbox20020
18Midazolam : large 5mgbox50050
19Morphine: large 10mgbox50050
20Neostigmine 2.5mg largebox50050
21Ondansetron 4mg largebox50050
22Pethidine 100mg moderatebox30030
23Propofol : large quantity required 200mgbox50050
24Rocuronium : large 50mgbox50050
25Ropivacaine 0.2% small 10mlbox10010
26Saline 10ml and water 10ml largebox50050
27Sevoflurane largebox50050
28Sugammadex this is an expensive drug box10010
29Suxamethonium : Moderate 100mgbox20020
30Thiopentone : relatively small quantity 500mgbox10010
31Vecuronium : small quantity 4mgbox10010


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