General Usage throughout the hospital

No Item Units Need Received Balance
2Syringe 20ml box1000100
3Needle 23g, 1"Box5000500
4Needle 21g, 1 1/2" Box1000100
5Needle 18g, 1 1/2" Box1000100
6Syringe 1ml Box1000100
7Syringe 3ml Box3000300
8Syringe 5ml Box3000300
10Thermometer coverBox1000100
11Disposable Vomit BagsBox2000200
12Sterile Surgical Face MasksBox2000200
13N95 Face MasksBox20020
14Face MasksBox2000200
15Disposable Gloves Largecase10010
16Disposable Gloves Mediumcase20020
17Disposable Gloves smallcase20020
18Disposable Gloves xsmallcase10010
19Weigh Scales and Heightsunit20020
21Dressing kit – disposableunit200002000
22Specimen Transportation Box2000200
23Specimen Transportation bags2000200
25Cotton Ballbag5000500
26Sanitary NapkinsPak300003000
27Baby PadPak2000200
28Lubricating Jellytube2000200
30Urine Kit non sterialunit5000500
31Urine Kit Sterileunit2000200
32Stool Kitunit3000300
333 way IV connectorunit3000300
34Cotton buds Pack2000200
35Gauze swabs non sterile (pack of 100)Pack2000200
36Gauze swabs sterile (pack 10)Pack2000200
37IV tegaderm cover x boxBox1000100
38IV cannula 18gBox2000200
39IV cannula 20gBox2000200
40IV cannula 22g Box3000300
41IV cannula 24g Box3000300
42IV fluid for additives, 100ml NS Box3000300
43IV tubing (for fluid and medications)unit300003000
44IV fluid, D5WBox2000200
45IV fluid D5S,Box2000200
46IV fluid, LRIBox100001000
47IV fluid, N/S Box100001000
48Saline irrigation (500mls)unit5000500
49Alcohol swabs Box100001000
50Blood culture tubes (isolator tubes)unit1000100
51Blood tube, EDTA tray4000400
52Blood tube, red top tray4000400
53Needle 26g, 1" Box1000100
54Needle 25g, 1" Box1000100
55Needle 24g, 1 1/4" Box2000200
56Vacutainer needles 22g Box3000300
57Vacutainer bag3000300
58Butterfly 25g Box1000100
59Butterfly 23g Box1000100
60Syringe 10ml Box3000300


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