No Item Units Need Received Balance
1Bar Code Reader303
3Alarm System101
4Sterile area for processing cancer injections (Biohazard Hood – see details)101
5Sterile area for processing non-cancer injections (IV Hood – see details)101
6Stools unit12012
7Dropper Bottles1000100
8Drug Vials 60CC3000300
9Drug Vials 45cc5000500
10Drug Vials 30cc5000500
11Heavy duty shelving units40040
12Stainless steel trolley12012
13Wooden Pallets for storage warehouse - bulk iteems20020
14Lab Coats and goggles50050
15Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) (for Bulk, Inflammable/Corrosive, Medical30030
16Ladder, Aluminium10010
17Labeller, Hand-Held606
18Locked room or safe for narcotic storage202
19Bar Code Labeller303
20Adjustable, modular, heavy duty open racks40040
21Computer with software404
22Fire extinguisher202
23Dispensing stools 606
24Counting trays606
25Drug cabinet 18018
26Weighing scale(electronic) 303
27Tablet counter606
28Mortar & pestle 606
29Balance, heavy duty303
30Balance, precision 606
31Refrigerator, Domestic 1500L101
32Fridge Single door - (vaccines) thermomenetr and temp records101
33Fridge, Pharmacetical 3 door with glass - thermometer and temp records101
34Distiller 202


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