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Directly donate to Nokor Tep Women's Hospital via VISA/Master cards, WING bills pay, bank transfer or cash.

Kindy inform your bank when you are to donate via credit card to ensure that your donation is done successfully.

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VISA / Master Card
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Cash When you are in Cambodia you can donate by cash. Please call +855 095 779282 and/or visit us at #239 Street. 51 Corner Street 360 Boueng Keng Kong 1, Phnom Penh,Cambodia
Bank Transfer Bank Deatails Account Name : Nokor Tep Foundation Organization Account Number: 010-02-11-05970-2 Bank: Cambodian Public Bank (Main Office) Swift Code: CPBLKHPP

For tax deductible donations and  UK Government Gift Aid, you can donate via our charity partners in different countries.

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Apart from donations of money, your support and assistance in practical ways is also vital. Please click the button to know more.

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  and will encourage the Women of