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Nails for Nokor Tep

Dear Friends and Partners,

Good morning. I trust all is well with you. I am writing this morning to ask for your help. As you know, this year we will complete the physical structure of the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital. It has been a wonderful journey. Now we are looking to the next step for which I ask for your help.

We now need to begin to outfit the hospital with medical equipment that will enable us to diagnose and treat the women who are in so much need of our help. Last week I visited a fishing village in Kampong Cham – 310 families living in harsh conditions – 310 women and their daughters are all affected in various degrees by gynecological and women’s cancers.


In order to be able to purchase equipment that will help these women – equipments such as Cat Scans, MRI, ultrasounds and x-rays, radiation equipment such as linear accelerator and a brachy machine for cervical cancer (Cambodian women have the highest rate of cervical cancer in South East Asia) – We are having a very special challenge campaign:

Nails for Nokor Tep

Our Goal is to have 1 million people worldwide donate $10 through a special campaign. We are asking 1 million men to stand with the women of Cambodia by having their fingernails polished – how – by having an event where men are willing to have people polish their fingernail for a minimum of $1.00 per nail BUT there is no limit to the maximum amount to be paid per nail. A small video is taken of the event – the man involved will send this video via social media and a challenge to at least two other men to do the same.  Remember people – the polish can be easily removed!!!

Of course men who really don’t want to have their nails painted can pay double - $20 – but would need to encourage 10 other men to do the same.  

If neither of these options appeal to you – then develop your own unique challenge which will result in the same result - 1 million people worldwide to donate $10.

When: We would like this worldwide event to happen between April 10 and May 10 of 2017. These dates cover several major holidays, Khmer New Years and Easter – both of which signify new life and new hope- for us new life and new hope for the Cambodian women suffering from these issues.

We need your help to reach 1 million people – I am asking for a miracle – I am asking you to be part of this miracle. I ask you to help spread the good news of Nokor Tep and its needs. Only by your help can this happen.  If you could – send me a quick email – tell me about your plan of action – date – event –challenge .

I am so grateful to my God for all of you who stand with us and have made the hospital building possible – I am do grateful to each of you who will make the miracle of equipment possible. How very good that is!


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