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Medical Volunteers

Medical Volunteers

Cambodia is a developing country. It has undergone a system of destruction starting with Vietnam War, followed by the Khmer Rouge Genocidal regime and instability. This systematic destruction of Cambodian society began in 1962 and ended in 1998. A direct result has been the complete destruction of all aspects of the health system in Cambodia. Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is part of the rebuilding of the health system. Our primary goal is to develop a health system of excellence in the field of women’s gynecology and women’s oncology.

In order to achieve this vision, NKT is seeking professional medical personnel from all over the world whose main task is to enhance the skills of Cambodian medical professionals in these specific areas of medicine.

Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is seeking to recruit professional medical personnel at all levels. These positions are unpaid but provide a unique opportunity for the successful candidates to leave a lasting legacy in Cambodia, to leave a part of themselves behind.

The rationale for this is that funds are desperately needed to pay all Cambodian staff a fair and equitable salary commensurate with the current wages and benefits within Cambodian society. Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is an NGO – non-profit hospital that will reach out to all women – especially the poor and disadvantaged. As such, payments for services will be scaled in such a way that all women will receive equal and fair treatment but that will not allow for an excessive amount of funds for much needed training.

There are several levels of professional skills that we seek.

There are 4 main executive positions that will require a commitment of no less than 2 years – with another 2 year term if possible. 

Positions where we like a commitment of 1 year or more are classified under the following categories - Medical, Finance and Administration

 ( Please click the categories to see the persons who committed and the positions still available for you.)



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