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BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble

BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble for Nokor Tep Women's Hospital
Last May 2014, we were able to watch and was inspired by the special Perfromance of the BYU Musical Group and the proceeds was a great help in the construction of the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital....and now.... Brigham University is back with music and dance.
Brigham Young University  will be holding an International Folk Dance Ensemble Performance here in Cambodia on May 13, 2107...all the proceeds will go to the outfitting of the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital.
You may buy the tickets ranging from 3$, 5$, 10$ to $25. Please contact Joyce at 095779282 or come to Tabitha Office #239 St. 51 Corner St. 360 BKK 1 Phnom Penh...beside Bread Talk.
You may click this https://xerographic-rifling.000webhostapp.com/englishindex.html for videos and samples of the performance  and ticketing details.
Please see this link laso to know more about them https://www.nokor-tep.net/index.php/byu-benefit-dance-music .
Come!  Buy your tickets now and enjoy a treat of music and dances from different cultures at the same time donating for a great cause!

Nails for Nokor Tep Challenge Launching in Cambodia

On April 6, Ms. Janne Ritskes  launched the Nails for Nokor Tep Campaign in Cambodia.

The men of Tabitha polished their nails to raise funds to buy the equipments  for the Nokor Tep Women's hospital....

They were able to raise $327.50...not too much but it counts.....

Please follow us on Facebook and join us by doing the Nails for Nokor Tep  and donating $10 or more or send  through our donate page https://www.nokor-tep.net/index.php/donations...Please send your video challenge also....

Please see our You tube links for more event highlights:

https://youtu.be/BZlNZ5_7PpU - Janne's Launching speech

https://youtu.be/DfUPamzyFJ4 - Mr. Heng polished his nails for his mother, wife and daughter

https://youtu.be/KmJYoJPKLS0 - Ms. Srei talks about the need for Nokor Tep Women's Hospital


Have fun and help us equip Nokor Tep Women's Hospital !

Thank you very much!

Holiday Greetings from Nokor Tep Womens Hospital


December 2016

To all our friends and partners,

On behalf of all of us at Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital, thank you for making 2016 a great year. We wish each and every one of you God’s blessings this holiday season and we look forward to standing with you in the 2017.

From Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital: https://youtu.be/qx_nbYizxvI


Ride for Nokor Tep Back to Back with Walk/Run for Nokor tep

Huge heartfelt thanks to all of the supporters and sponsors of the Ride for Nokor Tep 2016 and the Walk and Run for NTWH events. We salute you for your dedicated and generous support to Nokor Tep.

The sunny Saturday morning ended the Ride for Nokor Tep 2016 with the last lap from the National museum to the hospital (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) with the welcoming party. They raised USD136,000 plus to add to the funds for the final stage of the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital. You can still and are very welcome to donate with this linkhttp://ridefornokortep.com/donation-page.html

Simultaneously, the Walk and Run for NTWH was full of fun and very successful inspite of the rains. They raised over CAD 41,000 in Ottawa and London bringing the hospital one step closer to purchasing the 800KVA Electrical Transformer to deliver operational power. Donations are still being accepted at:https://raceroster.com/…/tabitha-walkrun-for-nokor-t…/pledge.

See how these events happen in the following linkshttps://www.facebook.com/RideForNokorTep/?fref=ts andhttps://www.facebook.com/Tabitha-Run-for-Nokor-Tep-1459768…/

Direct Donation to Nokor Tep Women's Hospital

Great News!

Cambodian and Foreign Partners, you can now donate direct to Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital  through VISA/ Master Card and Wing.

 Please click the following Icons.

        b_170_200_16777215_00_images_articles_Visa_mastersigns_1.jpg                          b_170_200_16777215_00_images_articles_Wingsign_1.jpg


              Join us!  Together, we stand
             for the Cambodian Women !
Stand with the women of Cambodia and help stop the silent suffering


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