April 4, 2013

Dear friends and partners,

On April 17 we commemorate the end of the indiscriminate bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War and the beginning of a horrific era of unimaginable genocide and isolation committed by the infamous Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. The suffering and total destruction of Cambodia was a 30 year long life span which did not end until 1998.

Today – this April in 2013 we are celebrating a new beginning - and we are celebrating worldwide. We are celebrating the beginning of the construction of Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – 400 pilings have been completed – another 800 to go. It is a celebration of all the women in Cambodia –for whom 85%  do not have even the basic access to health care – women whom by the time they are 14 are suffering discharges and pain that bring shame and fear into their lives – who die too young and spend their adult lives wondering why.  It is time to stop that horrible suffering.

 How are we celebrating – with one of the most exciting campaigns in my life time and work.

One Million People - $10 each

How can we achieve this celebration – simply by asking each and every one of you to tap on this link and make a choice to join us.


But I need even more than that from each of you – I ask that you share this with family and friends and neighbors, I ask that you share this with your fellow work mates, your fellow church goers, your teammates, your school mates – with any and all who would listen – ask them to read about Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – a link on bottom right hand corner – and ask them to consider being part of the 1 in a Million. Don’t take that choice away from them – let them decide for themselves.

In two years the hospital will be complete and on the wall in the entrance there will be a sign - and that sign will read:

“Welcome my sister, my daughter, my mother, my wife – do not be afraid for we ( 1 Million People) are with you. Come – we welcome you, we will comfort you and treat you.  You are not alone – we are with you.”

A celebration of life, of compassion, of love and understanding – I invite you all to stand with us and with the women of Cambodia. I thank my God for this gift of life He has given me – I thank Him for each of you and the 1 in a Million Campaign.

Send us a picture of you or your family, or your group – tell us your name and where you are from so that we can celebrate the wide diversity and goodness of our universal community.



Stories of Cambodian Women


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