February 18, 2016 - Nokor Tep Updates & Plans

Dear all,

Good morning.  We have made some serious decisions regarding the hospital this past week. We believe that these decisions will allow the beginning of services to the women of Cambodia by early 2017. Let me share these decisions and our needs:

1.   We have decided to finish the current size of NKth at the 3rd floor – we will make this into a roof with the ability to be changed into another floor with minimal effort. This will give us 3 full floors of hospital use – and room for expansion as we grow.

The rationale for this is that the hospital space is now big enough to provide services at a good rate. We also do not have enough funds to finish the entire building – at the current rate of funding it will take another 3 years.

What do we need:

To accomplish this we need to have $500,000 USD ASAP – so that we can complete the current structure by end of May/June. Currently we have used up our credit line of $100,000 USD and will be unable to continue until funds come in.

To complete the inside work – another $750,000 USD will be needed by end of June – this will allow us 6 months to complete the 3 floors and have the building ready for use by end of December 2016.

Once the hospital is completed only the founding donations will be on the hospital walls.

If you would like your name on the Wall of Caring and haven’t donated yet, the following is possible -Brick $100USD  Meter- $400 USD – Plaques $5000 USD and up – Naming Rights on parts of the Hospital $500,000 USD and Up.  

  1. We are currently in negotiations with a health organization that will manage the hospital for NKT. The vision is to nationalize the hospital within a period of 10-15 years through setting up, training and handing over of all functions of the hospital.

This group has had 20 years of experience in Cambodia and currently mange 2 other hospitals. Our visions are similar. Their immediate tasks will be as follows:

•   Agreement on internal spaces within hospital – inside design

      List of equipment

      Schedule of steps moving forward – including dates

      Agreement on volunteers – should have a wider outreach – worldwide so that NKTH is able to continue to broaden and expand on its growing support base

      3 year budget and plans – which must include services to be provided to patients and approved by NKTH

The hospital services will open up in stages so that proper training and management is developed

3. Outfitting of the hospital will begin in earnest once we have the list of equipment required – equipment  will be coming from many sources – Canada, USA, France, Germany, Australia and Singapore – to date we have not had to pay any costs for this equipment

In line with this, a list of consumables, cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, etc will be provided; currently we have several companies who are willing to donate in kind.

What do we need?

     Help in identifying possible sources of equipment and in kind donations when we have the list in hand.

4. Membership of women – once the organization has given us a list of services – we will approach corporations and businesses to buy membership for their female staff. Currently we have 5 corporations who are very interested in this membership.

The cost will be $5.00 per women per month or $60.00 USD per year and will provide for a minimum of check-ups, diagnoses, medicines, etc. We would expect this enrollment to be at 100,000 women within 2 years – enough to run the hospital and provide services.

This is our vision and our plans for the next year. We are so very grateful to all of you for your constant and ongoing support. I look forward to having all of you stand beside us at the official opening.




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