February 7, 2017

Dear friends and partners,

I trust that the first month of 2017 was a good one. For the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital it was a month of unbelievable blessings – we had several donors come forth and make the completion of the hospital structure look possible.  From the Ellwanger Family we received $720,000 USD, from the Howman Family $500,000 USD and from a young musician - FLUME – aka Harley Streten  - an amazing $100,000 USD.

What do these gifts mean – it means that we can finish the vast majority of work needed to complete the structure of the building itself. The beginning of 2017 is truly a miracle and will end with a soft opening towards the end of 2017. How good is that!!!


Now we must begin the process of outfitting the hospital with equipment – equipment that is essential for diagnosing and treating the women who are suffering from gynecological and women’s cancers.  We need an MRI, 2 Cat Scans , 3 X-ray machines, a linear accelerator and a Brachy machine. We need 2 large ultrasounds and 20 smaller ultrasounds as well as 40 dinamaps for vital signs. We need 150 beds and 4 complete operating theaters. We need equipment such as several autoclaves and industrial washing machines. We need computers and IT software, shelving units and furniture such as desks and chairs. We need 5 elevators, a large back-up generator and suitable cooling machine for air-conditioning. And the list goes on!

It sounds impossible but it isn’t – you see – I BELIEVE in MIRACLES. What you and us at Nokor Tep have achieved to date is a miracle – a miracle that will transform the lives of millions of Cambodians. In April, I turn 69 years of age – for those in their 80s - I am young – for those in their 20s - I am old. I have already lived 20 years longer than many of my fellow Cambodia sisters – you see I had breast cancer and I had treatment – many here had breast cancer but there was no treatment.


My daughter Miriam asks me what I want for my birthday – my answer is simple – I would like a Million people to donate $10 so that when I turn 70 - I can hold the hand of a woman who would have died too young and in great shame – and tell her, I believed in miracles and you my sister, have life because of that miracle – simply because all of you not only helped but you encouraged others to help.

I thank my God each day for the life He has granted to me – I thank my God each day for each of you – you are all part of the miracle of giving life to women here in Cambodia. How good that is!!




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