May 2020

Dear friends and partners,


It’s a bright sunny morning – the kind of morning that lifts the soul. It’s the kind of morning where the problems of the coronavirus seem to be far away – and a person can forget for a moment the pain in the world around us. It reminds me of the beauty that surrounds those who live in poverty – poverty that pulls at the soul and urges people to quit – to give up – to stop dreaming.

 Mother’s Day is a few weeks away and I think of the beauty of being a mum – the beauty of having a child – the renewal of life and its possibilities when holding that child – the problems of the world that child will live in seems so very far away. For these mums who live in poverty – each child brings a renewal of hope – perhaps this child will grow to maturity – will get schooling – will get a good job – will live a better life.

 As the Nokor Tep Women’s hospital struggles through this pandemic with all staff receiving half pay – with our dreams of opening our obstetrics and surgical units being slowly put on hold – the clouds slowly creep across the warming rays of sunshine.

 Yet there is hope –  We continue to serve women who have early stage cervical cancer - removing the cancer - adding life to a woman. We continue to comfort women who have spontaneous abortions that are uncompleted and cause infections. We work with women who suffer from various women's complaints - complaints that cause shame and hurt - women who deserve to be heard and treated. How blessed we are.

 Please consider a donation at this time, honoring the mothers in your life.  For every $30 USD raised, a woman will have the opportunity to be seen and heard, diagnosed and treated. It is a gift of life. I thank my God for each of you - all of you who stand with the women of Cambodia. 


 Janne Ritskes

Stories of Cambodian Women


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