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The Hospital Structure is now at its last stages and we are moving on to outfitting the Hospital.

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Letters from Janne

March 2018 March 2018 Dear friends and partners, A few weeks ago we had a house building team of women come and visit the hospital. The visit was one of sharing ideas and admiring the progress....


Upcoming Events

Ride for Nokor Tep 2017 ended with great success! Ride for Nokor Tep 2017 ended with great success! The Ride for Nokor Tep 2017, joined by 18 riders, ended successfully at Nokor Tep Women's Hospital on a hot, humid Friday, 11 August 2017, raising awareness and funds close...


Stichting Toetssteen is happy to announce that our Nokor Tep campaign ‘Lang leve jouw vrije dag’ has started.
Translated the campaign name means something like ‘Long live your day off’. The subitle is (also translated from Dutch): ‘enjoy your day off, but enjoy the days you give away double!’.
In Holland, during the years, some of us have become ‘spoiled’ with (sometimes) simply too much days off. We just can’t claim them all (because we can’t be missed at work, or because we don’t want to ourselves...). So Stichting Toetssteen thought: what happens if you can ‘give’ the days you don’t use away for a good cause like Nokor Tep? It looks like we can have a hit here (but that has to be proven in practice). 
So, an employee gives away a few days a year, this costs him (or her) nothing in cash (in fact it saves a few tax money!); his (or her) boss likes this because the employee is more often at work, so the boss/company gives the value in money to the good cause and perhaps even more money as a donation (the more he donates, that also saves him tax money for the company). So: everbody wins here: the employee, the company and most of all... Nokor Tep.
Today we quietly launched the campaign by putting this website online:
Marcel Straver
Communicatie Stichting Toetssteen
p/a Achterbos 105, 3645 CC Vinkeveen
0297 26 20 86


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