Mission/Vision of the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital

The vision for Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is based on an issue of justice and equity, a vision evolving from a view of basic human rights. In Cambodia, as in many developing countries, women are seen as the least valuable assets of society despite the fact that women are the foundation of homes and society. A direct result of this is that women’s personal health issues are of little concern. This results in immense suffering amongst women here – suffering that is silent – suffering that eventually costs the family dearly and undermines the strength of society.

The Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital has a clear and comprehensive vision. Currently, less than 7% of the rural population has access to medical care. It is also very clear that 90% of the women in Cambodia suffer from long term gynecological infections of various kinds. Our vision is to have a women’s hospital that is focused on gynecological issues and women’s cancers thereby alleviating the silent suffering of the vast majority of women in Cambodia.

Nokor Tep is a Teaching hospital in all aspects of medical care. Medical volunteers from all over the world will come and enhance the skills of Cambodian professionals.

An Education and Preventive Unit will be an integral part of the hospital. In this unit – materials will be developed to educate women about their various issues, what they can do for prevention and when to seek medical intervention.

Public Health Care: Our outreach to all parts of Cambodia will be through mobile clinics. Nokor Tep staff will be trained to be able to screen women in their communities; provide education and provide treatments for minor ailments. 

The hospital will have a Research Unit where research will be carried out in the various illnesses affecting women in Cambodia, the causes, effects and treatments.
The hospital will be a Model for developing countries. Nokor Tep Women’s hospital will be built and models developed that can be transferred easily to other developing countries around the world.
Our core values are as follows:

  1. Compassion: We will receive and treat all women who are in need of our services; regardless of class or financial ability. All will receive the same treatment, with dignity and respect of each individual.
  2. Excellence: A center for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and research.  We are limiting our outreach so that we are not overwhelmed but rather truly focused on the issues involving women’s gynecological issues and women’s cancers.
  3. Efficient: Nokor Tep will be a center of efficient health care – where the best model for medical intervention will be constantly sought after and implemented. These models will be cost effective while maintaining excellence through daily, weekly, monthly and annual evaluations.
  4. Modeling: Nokor Tep will develop and constantly upgrade its systems in all aspects in such a way that these are easily transferable to other developing countries.
  5. Training: Nokor Tep will develop and constantly upgrade its entire services through in house, one on one training and supervision with qualified experts from around the world. Nokor Tep will be a facility where the training comes to its center to ensure that training is current, cost effective, and appropriate for a developing country.

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