June 2018

Dear friends and partners,

The past few days have been special for us at Nokor Tep – we have had several sets of visitors visit the site. Their comments lifted our souls – comments like how spacious it is, how beautiful the colors: how good the atrium looks, how beautiful the floors, - what a wonderful place for our women to come.

We move continuously towards the completion of the hospital – after my last news letter – two donors came forth with funds for the atriums – the small one complete – the big one well under way.


We received funds for about a third of the doors and windows needed – a couple of toilets - pipes being installed – how good that is.


The colors are on each floor – one wing painted so we can be sure it is good – warm inviting colors – colors of peace – we need your help to be able to buy all that we need.


And now we have added another item to the list – solar panels – enough to be able to run the entire hospital including the big machines – such a cost effective and energy saving way to help our women. We need 2140 panels with equipment to be able to do this - each panel cost $250 USD each, a huge challenge but one that will make us financially sustainable within a few years.

Another very exciting aspect is the preparation of our warehouse rooms in the basement – containers of donated goods are beginning to arrive. Preparation of our transformer and UPS rooms - which are arriving very soon – will allow us to be able to fully install safe electrical currents.

I am so very thankful to my God for all of these blessings – beginning to see the end of construction and moving to a new phase of outfitting – how good is that.

I am so thankful to my God that we have set the final date for our opening – no longer a soft opening but will be an opening where Nokor Tep has begun to function as a hospital – the date is March 18, 2019 – a year later than the soft opening  but this extra year has made it a reality.


I thank my God for each of you – for standing with us in so many ways – for being patient and hopeful – for making it happen. How good that is!


Please see the progress at this link  

To Donate : https://nokor-tep.net/index.php/donate

Web: www.nokor-tep.net

 Face book: https://www.facebook.com/Nokor-Tep-Womens-Hospital-135096996634488/?ref=hl


March 2018

Dear friends and partners,

A few weeks ago we had a house building team of women come and visit the hospital. The visit was one of sharing ideas and admiring the progress. There was one theme that several women kept bringing up – tell us what you need now! We want to know what you need now!

This March is also the Lenten season – a season of preparation for Easter – Easter is the season of grace – of hope – a time for reflection and anticipation.  

So I am combining a list of things we need right now as we continue to move towards the completion of the hospital building in anticipation of hope and grace for the women of Cambodia this Easter season.

We need windows – lots of windows – 387 windows to be exact – the cost is $30 USD each- windows that bring in light and cheer for women who are in despair.


We need doors – lots of doors – 639 doors to be exact – the cost is $50 USD each – doors that will open and welcome yet grant privacy and safety to women who need both.


We need paint – lots of paint – 25 kilo cans - 350 cans – the cost is $145 USD per can- each floor a soft pastel color to bring warmth and cheer to women who are hurting.


We need toilets – lots of toilets – 232 to be exact – at $100 US per toilet – that will bring comfort and cleanliness to women who struggle each day for both.

We need atriums – 2 of them – 1 small over the entrance –at $2500 for the small one – and $25000 USD for the large one.  Steel and glass to reflect the light and grace  our women deserve.


This Lenten and Easter season perhaps many of you will be able to buy a window or door or paint or maybe even an atrium cover. AS the walls continue to go up, plumbing and electricity begun – as the vision moves towards reality – I present each of you with our needs.

I thank my God – for this Lenten season – for Easter – for each of you who stand with us in this journey of Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – how good that is! Thank you and Happy Easter,



Web: Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital

Face book: Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital

December 2017

Dear friends and partners,

I want to take a moment to wish each of you all the best this holiday season. I think of so many stories of Christmas – of all the hustle and bustle to bring good cheer to our families and friends – of lights and music – of snow and of beaches – all memories of past Christmases and plans for this one.

At Nokor Tep we are so busy this season – busy with putting up the inside spaces – rooms where I have visions of women being screened – others of rooms filled with medical people talking and sharing of how best to treat a woman – I have visions of laugher and wonder as women discover that they can be cured – of receiving a second chance in life – I see visions of comfort for those women whose life is coming to an end.

Our worker elves are so very busy putting up bricks, installing banisters, stringing electrical lines, plastering and painting – excited about bringing our vision to reality. So much still needs to be done yet it is all happening.


We receive so many presents this year from so very many of you – Nancy with her painting class; Charlotte with her concerts; Jemane with her half marathon; Sam with his Ridethon  - Russell and Margret with their faithfulness and the list continues – too many to mention but not one forgotten.


I think of people who are willing to open their hearts with their knowledge and support – people like Mel, Anita, Lyle and Ken – John and Paul, Narith and so many more – people who help us think through what needs to be done and how we will help.

I think of the greatest gift of all – the gift of Jesus birth – the grace and mercy given to me – to all of us- and I have visions of our hands touching the hands of women who are hurt and tired – of feeling ashamed and alone – of standing with them and letting them know they are not alone. That is what Christmas is all about.

From all of us at Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital we thank you for your gifts and wish you all the best this holiday season.



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January 2,2018

Dear friends and partners,

Happy New Years everyone – I pray that this year may be one of hope and blessings. The beginning of this year is a hard one for us as we have to postpone the opening of Nokor Tep for a few months – the finishing of the building needs a bit more time – currently we are putting up the brick walls for spaces – starting to polish the floor – each step takes more time than I believed it would.

I personally want to apologize to all of you who have made plans to attend – I know that this is causing some of you costs and changes that are not nice – I am so very sorry. If you do come I will personally take you out and show you the hospital and take you out for dinner.

On the brighter side of things – the hospital will open in 2018 – as we make progress in completing the building – I can see the spaces and how it is all going to work. I cannot wait but I must be patient.

The delay also allows more time for equipment to arrive and be set up – for this I am soo grateful – we need so much – what a wonderful challenge this is.

I will be posting regular updates on our progress on facebook – so do follow us at Nokor Tep Women's Hospital


Thank you for listening and standing with us. Happy New Years,


July 2017

Dear friends and partners,

This is a joyful newsletter that I am writing today – so much good news for Tabitha and Nokor Tep – how good that is. So let me share the first piece of good news.

Tabitha Foundation Hong Kong is now a fully registered charity in Hong Kong – with tax deductibility status for donations received. I want to thank Frank and Ariel for their perseverance to follow through a very long and exhausting process – BUT WE MADE IT – I would like all of you to welcome Tabitha Hong Kong by visiting their web site www.tabithahk.org and liking them on their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TabithaHK/ . We are so very grateful and humbled.

The second big news is that our official soft opening for Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital will be on Marc8, 2018 – International Women’s Day – a great way to celebrate with the opening of a woman’s hospital. If you are planning on coming – please send me a note with names and passport numbers of who will be coming. Protocol will be very important on that day as we expect the PM to cut the ribbon.

The third big news is that we  are in process of updating the web site for Nokor Tep – the web site will allow all of you to follow our progress as well as learning about current needs – this is vitally important as we need to outfit the hospital as well as invite medical and administrative professionals to volunteer and come and help us teach and enable Cambodian professionals to run the hospital. There is list of positions where we need volunteers on the web. The updated web site at www.nokor-tep.net will go live next Monday , August 17 . Do go on the website on a regular basis as we update needs and achievements on a regular basis.

The fourth good news is how many volunteers come from all over the world to do house building. What a privilege that is for all of us. Last week, a team called Global Builders was here and they put together a short video about house building in the hopes that others will see and come. We thank Tabitha UK for assisting with this team that represented volunteers from 7 countries. Do take a moment and watch their video

And the news continues – 2 more schools completed – several new areas of work identified – medical volunteers joining us. How good that all is. I am so thankful to my God for all these blessings – too numerous to count – I thank my God for all of you who stand with us in all our work – you too, are too numerous to count. How good that is!


Web sites: Tabitha Cambodia – www.tabitha-cambodia.org

                      Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital:  www.nokor-tep.net

Face book: https://www.facebook.com/Tabitha-Foundation-Cambodia-289162284551764/?ref=hl




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