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Update - July 2019

Dear Friends and Partners,

We have been open to the public for over 5 weeks now and we have an average of 10 patients per day. This month we can work with an incredible US based organization Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE). They are regular participants in the region who go to the local communities with international and local doctors offering health care. We are working with SHE to provide comprehensive health checks to many women from the provinces who will be bused to Nokor Tep by SHE for a day of medical examination and treatment. We are expecting over 100 patients from three provinces over a period of 3 or 4 days.  HE Dr Kantha Phavi Ing meet with Dr Teri Tan from SHE delegation to support the project and encourage longer term opportunities to grow our joint engagement.

We continue to get sponsors and visitors coming from all over the world to view the hospital and its progress. We had two groups from Tabitha House building stopping by, all are very impressed with what they see and provide great encouragement and support for the staff and our goals. In addition, we had a group of scholars from the University of Hong Kong who were on a Masters course in NGO Management – who were also clearly impressed with the scale and the agenda that has been set for the next three years. 


Inside the hospital we are getting ready to receive two mammography and one X -Ray imagining machines all due for delivery next month. Preparations are underway to open the Basement for these new facilities and to start the recruitment drive to find operators for the new technology.

The Founders board have agreed to broaden the amount of services available to Patients and provide more general female medical care. This will also involve Maternity which means that we are planning to extend our services to in patients. New facilities in the planning for Maternity include the ICU, Infant ICU, Operating Theater, Recovery Rooms and expansion of human resources to drive those essential services.

Finally, we also went through a massive cleanup exercise at the hospital to remove the years of building rubbish and start to finish the entrance and the parking areas. As you can see the progress has been significant and adds to that special feeling of warmth for our patients.

Thank you to you all for your continued support, donations, generosity and warm wishes for which we are all sincerely grateful.


Roger L F Harrold , Chief Operating Officer

Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital

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July 2019

Dear Friends and partners,

It has been awhile since I wrote – this summer I am in Canada working on personal issues. The good news is that the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital opened its doors to patients on June 4th – it’s been a slow start but also a good start as we work out all the many issues facing us. The good news is that the hospital is being well received by patients – they very much enjoy the ambience – very delighted with staff who take the time to show respect, explain the examinations and results. Very good beginning. Next week we receive 100 women sponsored by a group called SHE – who have paid for their memberships. How good is that!!

Since I have arrived in Canada it has become clear to me that walking 100,000 km is a challenge that is very hard to do as everyone is so very busy with their lives. This past week I met with several friends and talked about raising a million dollars for the hospital over the next 6 months.

A good friend of mine, Cora, who owns a chicken farm, came up with her own personal fundraiser – she is determined to walk 1000 kilometers over the next 6 months and have 1000 people sponsor her for $10 each – her personal fundraising goal is $10,000 by end of December.

Maggie just had a hip replacement and needs daily physio which she struggles to do so she set a personal goal of going to physio every day and her personal goal is sponsorship for ten thousand as well. Jennifer rides a motorbike and she is selling $10 per km for the next 5000 km in 6 months. Personally, I am going to walk 11,700 stairs for a personal goal of $1.00 per stair – and it goes on.

What is the big change – well we have decided to let everyone set their own personal challenge – to set their own goal, amount to be raised and reaching out to their own circle of people. I am inviting each one of you to do the same. If you do so – take a moment and send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) – I, in turn, can send you a flyer we are using and a sample of a donation page.  This way I can track worldwide and keep you up to date on the progress.

This concept is very exciting as it allows people to choose what they like best – set up their own personal fundraiser – etc. Tabitha Canada has set up walking for women – on their Canada help web site so each of us can set up our own page and mark our progress. For example, my page is

Now why do this – well the hospital is in need of so many things – like solar panels, elevators, CT Scan, reagents for the laboratory, a fund to pay for our poorest patients, etc.

I am so thankful for each of you – for the hospital, for the staff, my co-founders, for so many blessings. I thank My God for this privilege. How good that is.




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May 2019

 Dear friends and partners,

It’s good to take a minute to write and say thank you to each of you for your support and help over the past few years for the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital. Much has happened since our soft opening in March.

The past two months we have been involved in the hiring of new staff; setting up procedures and protocols; continuation of the outfitting of the hospital. We have been training using volunteer patients – many of whom come from within the Tabitha programs.


My main concern has always been, are we who we say we are? Do we treat patients with dignity and respect regardless of income or social status? Will the women come and why would they come?

One very hot day, 10 of Tabitha women arrived – the first thing that struck me was how very excited they were at receiving this opportunity to be patients.  It was a bit unnerving so I stated once again this was training for all our staff and things might be a bit haphazard. We quickly learned of another area we had not thought of as the women were required to produce an ID card – the first 4 women had none and were told to go home and get it. Not a great way to start the practice session! We quickly solved this problem.


The ladies went through registration and triage; then doctors consultation, lab work etc.  I watched as our doctors examined the women – how wonderful to see them engage the ladies in the process of ultrasounds – of having diagrams drawn to explain their issues, of being forever patient for lab results. All fascinating!


As the ladies were finished we had a debriefing session with them. Dr Suren our CMO and Boumi our pharmacist asked the ladies of their experience. The universal reply was how welcomed they felt by everyone. How warm and welcoming the building was. The comments continued of how much they appreciated being talked to with the doctors; the explanations and kindness they were shown. Dr Suren asked how often they had had a gynecological exam before. The answer never! Why not! Oh the doctors they had visited before were always angry with them; they never had time to explain anything – in fact they were made so uncomfortable that seeing a doctor had become a nightmare and they were loath to go to a doctor. Suren was horrified – how can this be? Being a poor person did not qualify a woman for any dignity or respect?

I watched and listened and felt a deep glow inside – who we said we were all these years was becoming a reality. How good that is!

The hospital will open its doors to regular patients on June 4 – the past two months have been good ones – difficulties with a severe lack of electricity are slowly being resolved. Training is an ongoing practice – setting up hospital IT systems are in process; so many good things happening.

I am so grateful for all that has happened and is happening. I am grateful to all of you for being an integral part of all of this. I am grateful to my God for this great privilege. How good that is!



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