November 2020


November 2020

 Dear friends and partners,

 It is with pleasure that I write to all of you this morning – I’d like to share the progress being made in opening up our obstetrics, surgical and ICU units. It is so very exciting. Let me share just a few of the developments:

 Obstetrical units:

We have our delivery rooms prepared; we have shared maternity ward prepared plus we have private maternity rooms prepared.


 Our new Ambulance has arrived. Our surgical units are in process of being completed. Our oxygen and purified air systems are completed. How good that is!


 I want to share a story of one of our patients – a story that tells how important it is for us to be fully operational.

The story of 52 year-old Somala Kem*. On September 13th, 2019, Mrs. Kem* came to Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital for a gynecological health check-up with our partners Sustainable Health Empowerment (SHE). She had no medical complaints or pains but gladly joined her village group with the opportunity to receive a free medical check-up.

After her gynecological consultation and screening with our doctor, laboratory test results came back with an abnormal Pap-smear – a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women. Luckily for her, this abnormality in her cervix was detected early and was categorized as treatable. Less than a week later, our doctors performed a minor day surgery procedure which removed the targeted abnormal tissue from the cervix and requested Mrs. Kem* to return for a follow-up check-up 4 months later.

During her follow-up visit, results were not favorable and our team decided that Mrs. Kem* needed to have a more major surgery of her cervix and consequently transferred Mrs. Kem to our partner hospital, as Nokor Tep didn’t have its Surgery and In-Patient departments yet.

On July 10, 2020, six-months after her surgery, Mrs. Kem finally came to Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital for final follow-up and check-up. We are happy to say that she had no side effect from her surgery and that laboratory test results supported a successful treatment!  She was really happy and thanked our doctors for their care and for continuously following-up with her, especially during her stay at the partner hospital.

I am so thankful for each of you standing with us despite the horrors of the Covid pandemic. During this difficult time I ask that each of you would continue to stand with us as we move forward in our preparations to serve the women of Cambodia. Just a reminder of different ways to stand with us.


 It is the time of changing lifestyles the world over – a time thanksgiving despite the troubles – a time when I thank my God for my fellow founders; for the hospital management staff; for each of you who have made this all possible. How good that is!!



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Stories of Cambodian Women


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