Who will hear me when I cry?  Women who are aching from illness; with no acces to medical help often despair. Who will hear me when I cry?

We will,  Nokor Tep Women's Hospital will help them when they cry. These are some of the women who are in silent suffering and waiting

Chan Saran is 53 years old and gave birth to 4 children. Her husband is still alive. Four and a half years ago, she suffered from a prolapsed uterus.

She went to a doctor who told her to get an operation but she had no money and never went. For the past 5 years, Chan Saran has walked in pain – when the pain is too great she takes local herbal medicines to help. Her desperation is great. She is waiting.

Cheam To is 52 and gave birth to six children. She says “ my family are farmers and we are very poor ever since 7 years ago when I had a ball in my breast.

It makes my breast hurt too much. I am always hot and cold too much and my joints of the arm and leg bones hurt all the time. I can do nothing anymore because I am very tired and always have fever. My husband is also sick so he does nothing. To see the doctor we made a decision to sell our farm, pigs and cows but no result from medical treatment.

The money is all gone and we have to borrow money for more medicine and food but we cannot pay back the money. My daughter grows up doing wrong – now she had a heart attack and is always falling fainting. Life is too hard.” Cheam To is waiting.

Hak Own is 16 years old. For the past three years, Hak has had a breast lump that has grown in size and causes her much pain.

She has never gone to a doctor because her father is blind and cannot work and her mother is too busy as she needs to earn enough for all her seven children.

Hak is afraid she is dying – she often faints now, her breast is heavy and she can’t sleep from the pain and the fear. Hak is so afraid – she is waiting.

Siem Sai Hour is 49 years old. She has ten children, five daughters and five sons – three children are married but seven children still live at home.

Kong Nut is 31 years and has two children. After giving birth with the help of local midwife, Kong nut became very ill.

Stories of Cambodian Women


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