December 2018

Dear friends and partners,

In this special month of Christmas, I am always a bit nostalgic for all the Christmases I have lived – in so many places and in so many ways. For me personally - the main focal point is the gift of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Why do I speak of this – because it is of God’s great love for all of us – for me – that I have started the process of building a woman’s hospital.  Jesus had compassion and gave healing to so many. His heart aches for the people.

But I am not the only person who has lived by faith – who has built hospitals in Cambodia – King Jayavarman the seventh – a devout Buddhist - of the ancient kings in Angkor Wat who built 102 hospitals –


Jayavarman VII established 102 hospitals throughout the kingdom. The inscription of Say Fong notes:

“He suffered the illnesses of his subjects more than his own; because it is the pain of the public that is the pain of kings rather than their own pain.”

The 14th stanza of this same inscription says:

“Through warriors (doctors) versed in the science of arms (disease) he destroys the enemies who infest his kingdom (the sick) by using his weaponry: medicine.” The inscriptions of the hospitals (twelve have been identified) all speak of construction and provide long lists of patrons….

This is what Nokor Tep Hospital is all about – compassion for the people – feeling the pain of another. This is Christmas for me.

 Please watch this

  to know more of Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital and its needs.

In this month of December, the physical plant of the hospital will be 95% completed. As in the olden days- the names of each of you who have stood with us in this process will be inscribed. This December is the near ending of another phase of our dream – it is the marking of the beginning of the next phase of our vision.

I am so thankful to my God for each of you who stand with us – so thankful that He has granted me this life! On behalf of all of us from Nokor Tep – we wish each of you a Merry Christmas.



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