December 2017

Dear friends and partners,

I want to take a moment to wish each of you all the best this holiday season. I think of so many stories of Christmas – of all the hustle and bustle to bring good cheer to our families and friends – of lights and music – of snow and of beaches – all memories of past Christmases and plans for this one.

At Nokor Tep we are so busy this season – busy with putting up the inside spaces – rooms where I have visions of women being screened – others of rooms filled with medical people talking and sharing of how best to treat a woman – I have visions of laugher and wonder as women discover that they can be cured – of receiving a second chance in life – I see visions of comfort for those women whose life is coming to an end.

Our worker elves are so very busy putting up bricks, installing banisters, stringing electrical lines, plastering and painting – excited about bringing our vision to reality. So much still needs to be done yet it is all happening.


We receive so many presents this year from so very many of you – Nancy with her painting class; Charlotte with her concerts; Jemane with her half marathon; Sam with his Ridethon  - Russell and Margret with their faithfulness and the list continues – too many to mention but not one forgotten.


I think of people who are willing to open their hearts with their knowledge and support – people like Mel, Anita, Lyle and Ken – John and Paul, Narith and so many more – people who help us think through what needs to be done and how we will help.

I think of the greatest gift of all – the gift of Jesus birth – the grace and mercy given to me – to all of us- and I have visions of our hands touching the hands of women who are hurt and tired – of feeling ashamed and alone – of standing with them and letting them know they are not alone. That is what Christmas is all about.

From all of us at Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital we thank you for your gifts and wish you all the best this holiday season.



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July 2017

Dear friends and partners,

This is a joyful newsletter that I am writing today – so much good news for Tabitha and Nokor Tep – how good that is. So let me share the first piece of good news.

Tabitha Foundation Hong Kong is now a fully registered charity in Hong Kong – with tax deductibility status for donations received. I want to thank Frank and Ariel for their perseverance to follow through a very long and exhausting process – BUT WE MADE IT – I would like all of you to welcome Tabitha Hong Kong by visiting their web site and liking them on their facebook at . We are so very grateful and humbled.

The second big news is that our official soft opening for Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital will be on Marc8, 2018 – International Women’s Day – a great way to celebrate with the opening of a woman’s hospital. If you are planning on coming – please send me a note with names and passport numbers of who will be coming. Protocol will be very important on that day as we expect the PM to cut the ribbon.

The third big news is that we  are in process of updating the web site for Nokor Tep – the web site will allow all of you to follow our progress as well as learning about current needs – this is vitally important as we need to outfit the hospital as well as invite medical and administrative professionals to volunteer and come and help us teach and enable Cambodian professionals to run the hospital. There is list of positions where we need volunteers on the web. The updated web site at will go live next Monday , August 17 . Do go on the website on a regular basis as we update needs and achievements on a regular basis.

The fourth good news is how many volunteers come from all over the world to do house building. What a privilege that is for all of us. Last week, a team called Global Builders was here and they put together a short video about house building in the hopes that others will see and come. We thank Tabitha UK for assisting with this team that represented volunteers from 7 countries. Do take a moment and watch their video

And the news continues – 2 more schools completed – several new areas of work identified – medical volunteers joining us. How good that all is. I am so thankful to my God for all these blessings – too numerous to count – I thank my God for all of you who stand with us in all our work – you too, are too numerous to count. How good that is!


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March 30, 2017

Dear friends and partners,

This morning I want to remind all of you about the upcoming – NAILS for NOKOR TEP campaign- to be held this April and May. I need all of you to help us by doing your fingernails in the coming month - Sharon from Australia thought it very unfair that I only targeted men and she was right – this campaign is for 1 million people to donate $10 – how – for men by having your nails painted and people sponsoring you per nail – women – perhaps you can have a Nail party whereby you discuss what it would be like to have no treatment if you were diagnosed with cancer.

All of us know of someone who has been affected by cancer - - all of us discuss the treatments and opportunities available. YET - for Cambodian women – these options are not available – what would that be like – to know you have cancer – and to know there are no options!!

The money raised will be to buy the equipment needed to diagnose and treat the women here. How good would that be!! Equipment such as MRI, Cat Scan, Linear Accelerator, Mammograms and ultrasounds – etc.

I ask that you help us to achieve this miracle by having your own event and encouraging others to have theirs – take a video, challenge other people through social media and soon the opportunities for Cambodian women with cancer will happen.

Let me share a few events that will happen:

Each first grader will have the goal of earning $10 and I'll encourage families to pass on the challenge of donating $10 or more to Nokor Tep to 10 other families. Mike Ferguson wheels are the next day or two....I will start the campaign......

Trying to figure out which guy I want to start with.....:) I hope I can make this go viral!!!!

Karen Wolverton – CEO – LUSH N/A

I will join the campaign and I will contact all the men who I know have been housebuilding on the UWCSA Family trip to join me. Sue has agreed to be the nail painting specialist! Dave Shepherd

As for this event- what a wonderful idea! I'm actually in the army now, so it's a little harder from here. But i promise to figure out a way to contribute to this, whether it's with my fellow soldiers on base, or anyone else who is willing. – Romi

My plan with the nail painting is to contact all my team members who have joined me on the trips and to post it on face book the beginning of April. Hopefully lots of people will want to see me look like a fool. I also will see if I can get people to donate extra if I keep the polish on for one month. Casey

These are just a few responses to many I have received – for us here in Cambodia – on April 6th – all Tabitha managers will get their nails done at the hospital – as Heng says – I don’t mind looking foolish for the sake of my wife and daughter.

April is the month of reminding us of the gift of life – Khmer New Years and Easter – of renewing and being thankful for our own lives – how good that is! I thank my God that this April it will be our opportunity to give life to so many women in Cambodia – how good that will be!!!



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June 2017

Dear friends and partners,

It has been awhile since I have written. It is unbelievable how fast life seems to be passing by especially since we anticipate the completion of the hospital structure by December of this year. This opens up the pathways for our new steps of outfitting the hospital with equipment; finding partners who will enable us to train and equip Cambodia medical staff reach to new heights; of talking with other partners about supplying pharmaceuticals; of deciding what colors we should use to welcome our women.

We have so many visitors come and hear and see – one woman asked me last week, why Janne, why. Why all this work and worry and heartache and hope. For me it is all so simple – my Cambodian sisters are hurting – hurting so badly that it is painful to meet with them – empty handed and bereft. In one village of 260 families we have 15 women in various end stages of losing their lives to diseases for which I am helpless to change yet I myself have so many options. Sokleang is a very sad story of losing her battle – a picture hard to see yet she is the one living with this ravaging disease – I listen to Sarouen as she talks of her horrific pain involved with uterine cancer – 15 women in one village – 15 women I walk away from – 15 women who believe that somehow, someway they must be inherently bad for this to happen to them. It does not matter what village we go to, the story is the same – I can do no else than build Nokor Tep and fill it with compassion and mercy for those who have none.

So many of you are helping to make this happen. I can only name a few but they are surrounded by others who help them – a chain of humanity from around the world reaching out to Sokleang and so many like her. Equipment lists are being formed with the help of Philips HealthCare and being filled by many people – people like International Hope and Angkor Gold, from Canada, Cathy, Moira and others from Australia, Dave, Mary and Erika from the USA just to name a few.

A number of astounding medical professionals such as Anita from Australia, and Archibald from the USA – each representing so many others – professionals skilled in women’s health issues – professionals who are willing to give of themselves to bring succor and hope to so many women here.


Pharmaceuticals are being donated and collected by people such as Wilma and Chris in Canada, Dave, Mary and Erika in the USA, Jeff and Eleanor in the UK – unbelievable efforts and gifts of time and energy just so that women like Sokleang may have comfort and hope..

How do I name all of you who have raised so many funds for us – money needed to build and equip this center of light and hope. People like Sam, Bruce and Micheal and so many more for the Ride For Nokor Tep – a thousand painful miles of bike riding through Cambodia for women like Sokleang. People like Casey, Ed, Frank and Stien, and so many others around the world painting their nails so that women here may have a chance – how do I tell of people like Margret and Russell, Clydette and Charles, Leo and Veronica who in their great mercy gave so much and made it possible to achieve so much more.

How do I say thank you to my fellow Cambodians – my Tabitha staff like Joyce, Heng and Srie who are tireless in their efforts to make this happen; People like Para and Sophon for their endless hours of support; or people Like Mealy and Siphana for giving all of us the opportunity to share the news with so many Cambodians who had not yet heard. How do I thank the poorest of the poor who with their pennies who have donated more than $400,000.00 USD over the past 4 years.


How do I say thank you to another Sokleang who got up from her deathbed three years ago to go from one house to another in her impoverished village collecting a few pennies from each home – telling each donor that she herself would not live long enough to benefit from Nokor Tep but she believed that her daughters would benefit.

No, Nokor Tep is not a burden for me – it is journey – a journey of touching the lives of so very many - - many who are ill and waiting. How do I tell others of my co-founders Phavi and Sieng – of our amazing journey of hope and desire – of our own changes in recognition of the grace each of you have brought to our lives. How do I explain each of you to others – your faithfulness, your faith in us – but – most importantly your compassion for our sisters here in Cambodia.

I am listening to a special song as I write – it’s a song from Hillsong called Broken Vessels – the line that touches me most is the line Amazing Grace – that is what we are all about – what you are all about – I praise my God for that gift – it cannot get any better!


PS: we are in process of redoing our web site – it will tell of our needs and our progress as all of us together move ever closer to the reality of a center of light for our women. Keep watching – it should be up within a few weeks.


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