August 6, 2012

Dear friends and partners,

It’s been a wonderful summer – in some ways it was a miraculous summer – a summer of renewing relationships and building new ones. It was a summer where I was reminded about miracles and faith and how Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is all about both. I was reminded that my faith is reflected in the Biblical story of the woman who had a problem of “issuing blood” for years – how similar her story is to the women of Cambodian – no one to hear her cries – no one to turn to - no one to help –ostracized for her pain – ostracized for her smell – just like the women here. She happened to be near Jesus as he was talking to a throng of people – no one gave way to her – nor did she draw attention to herself – she just had faith and believed that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus robe she would be healed – she struggled through the crowd – obviously she was near to the ground when she touched the hem of His robe and she was instantly healed. It is the story of my faith in the needs of the women here and how Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital must be an avenue for women who have no voice.


While I was away, my co-founders Phavi and Sieng sent the miraculous news that the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Samdech Hun Sen, heard the cries of his people and gave his personal sanction of approval for Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital. This was followed by the good news of the sanction by the Ministry of Health. Together we will celebrate privately with a blessing of the land and the project through both our faiths in August.

Before I left in early June the miracle of our first 1 million dollars was realized – unbelievable – since the double money pledge given in February by the DeGroot Foundation – all of you responded in miraculous ways – the unbelievable happened – our first one million dollars.

Phavi, Sieng and I made a promise – with the first one million dollars in the bank – we would select a contractor and the building of the hospital would begin. We selected a company called Jetson of Malaysia – a company well experienced in building hospitals – – to begin construction. They have begun land preparation and in two years – September 2014 – the building will be complete. We believe in miracles – we believe that the remaining five million will be raised to pay for the construction. For me it’s simply touching the hem of Jesus robe.

There are so many miracles – each of you is a miracle. My 3 year old great nephew Declan saw me several times this summer. Each time we met he would tell me that he was raising funds for the hospital. With his brother and sister, they had sold lemonade and raised $17.53 – in Declan’s mind – he built the hospital. His faith reflects the amazing faith that each of you have shown these past few months – I am humbled and so very thankful for the privilege of such faith surrounding us.

There will be a Ride for Nokor Tep – headed by Bruce Ford and friends – a 1,150 kilometer ride through Cambodia from September 16 – 24th– passing thousands of women who are waiting for their cries to be heard. That this ride is happening is a miracle with all the logistics and preparation – but, I believe – the testing in that process and resolve of Bruce – is a miracle. If you would like to support the Riders for Nokor Tep visit their face book page at The Riders want to raise $200,000 – I believe in miracles and look for more.

And then the miracles of expert health personnel from all over the world who are wanting to come and be a part of this vision – people who have done much in their lives and want to give back to others – people who are willing to make commitments that are miraculous – all of whom are potentially the hem of the robe.

My summer had been one of miracles and of faith, of believing in the goodness of all of us. I am refreshed and renewed – I thank my God for that gift. I thank all of you for being the grace in our journey of Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital.


Stories of Cambodian Women


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