Nokor Tep Women's Hospital

Operation or Theatre Equipment

No Item Units Need Received Balance
1Anesthetic Machine Carestation 60 GE505
3Autoclave Sealing Machine404
4Autoclave Sleeves or Packet Paper2000200
5Autoclave Tape2000200
6Bacterial filters for Suction Machine5000500
7Basic Laparatomy Surgical Instruments Kit24024
8Basic major Surgical Instruments Kit24024
9Blood Warmer202
11Diathermy Machine with full range of accessories 707
12Flash Autoclave202
13Instrument Table12012
14Instrument Washer202
15Laryngoscope Blades Set10010
16Laryngoscope Set10010
17Major Gynecology Surgicl Instruments Kit24024
18Operating Lamps404
19Operating Table404
20Portable Suction Machines Laeodle505
21Surgical sink202
22Surgical staplesBoxes1000100
23Surgical Suture Gut - Various sizesBoxes1000100
24Suture Kits1000100
25Syringe Pump20020
26Tubing for Suction machine000
27Ultrasound Cleaner Large202
28Ventilation Machine – Carestation R860 GE404
29X-Ray Mobile C-arm Brivo Essential GE101


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